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Net-zero commitments and transition to a low carbon future are not only great for the environment but also for your bottom line.
We can help you achieve your sustainability goals and 100% renewable energy solutions through a variety of products.

Green Max

Virtual contracts to offset brown power. ReNew’s provides 100% unbundled green attributes. No physical setup changes are needed with plants already entering the execution phase. 100% greening can be achieved with this solution. Two solutions are currently prevalent in this category: International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) and Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Limited savings in solution. Caters more to voluntary or regulatory requirements of greening. I-RECs have a more mature regulation around them compared to the evolving regulations surrounding vPPAs.


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Green Pro

ReNew’s cutting-edge open access solution-integrating hybrid plant with upcoming sources hydro/green hydrogen/exchange. ReNew’s proprietary solution engine ensures reliable round-the-clock green power with 100% reliability and 80-90% of greening. Evolving tech for the bundled source (~20-30% component) while replacing a larger quantum with higher overall cost savings. This solution is especially suitable for Data centres seeking round-the-clock power and a high degree of greening.


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Green Advance

Consists of Open Access solution blending wind & solar to achieve higher greening of around 50-70%. ReNew’s proprietary solution engine achieves higher RE units per MW of PPA while maximizing savings. The power reliability is intermittent in nature whereas the technology has been pioneered by ReNew to maximize the output. High-cost savings for clients in this solution due to the higher amount of power they are able to replace. Considering this solution has recently picked traction among customers, most of the states are in process of releasing policies around this solution.


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Green Touch

Consists of pure-play solar / wind Open Access solutions. This solution has a limited greening quotient of around 20-30%. The power reliability is intermittent in nature whereas the technology is mature given that the solutions have been around for a long time. Cost savings are limited in this solution due to the lower amount of power they are able to replace. However, most of the states in India have mature regulatory policies around this solution.


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My Green

Consists of onsite solar solutions, this solution can maximize savings by utilizing unused plant space, including rooftops. Though this solution is very cost-effective, it has a low greening potential of 0-5% of your energy. All the states have mature policies and regulations. The tech is also mature but is limited to the physical space available inside the facility making this solution an easy win and the first step in your greening journey.


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